Modern day William Phillips House



The structure is a two-story federal styled house, with a limestone foundation and brick exterior. The foundation for the main rectangular structure was laid in 1834 and five years later the main brick block was built. Additions, such as the two-story stone and wood extension, were made in 1860 and between 1895-1900.  The building has stood the test of time, and in the 1970s underwent extensive repair and restoration. Note the vertical brick lintels over the two central doors and the six windows on the front façade.

  Wisconsin Historical Society, Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory, William Phillips House, Mineral Point, Iowa County, Wisconsin, Reference Number 61882.


"Cornish Miner's House No. 1" (below), attached to The William Phillips House. This house no longer exists but the William Phillips house still bares the ghost scar (above).